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Nov. 18, 2018

What's the value of your home in LAGUNA HILLS?


Do you own a home or condo in Laguna Hills and want to know what it's worth? Sweet. My website has a great new feature that definitley gives Zillow Zestimates and Redfins Home Value Estimates, a run for their money. If you want to see what your home may be worth, under 60 seconds, and also have the oportunity to work with a local REALTOR in Laguna Hills with Pacific Sotheby's International Realty, then just get started below. Just type in your address and you are on your way.


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Nov. 18, 2018

What is my home worth in LAGUNA NIGUEL? Great Question!

What is your home worth in Laguna Niguel, you ask? That's a great question!

If you like using the internet for most of everything, perhaps you are seeking information about what your home may be worth in todays Laguna Niguel Real Estate market. The real estate market is hot in Laguna Niguel. Home Values are SOLID. If you own a property in Laguna Niguel and what to know what it is worth, you've landed in the right spot. If you are seeking alternative sources of home value estimates, like from a local Laguna Niguel real estate professional, then you are in good hands. Give my websites (AVM) automated valuation model, a chance!  It does all the techy stuff you would hope for. To get started, just type in your address below and you are off to finding out what your home is woth in Laguna Niguel!

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Nov. 18, 2018

What is your home worth in Dana Point CA? Get an Instant Dana Point Home Value!

Instant Dana Point Home Value Estimate- Find out what your home is worth under 60 seconds!

If you own a property in Dana Point, Monarch Beach and surrounding areas, and you want to know what it is worth, try using my websites awesome new  ( AVM) automated home value system! Take 60 seconds and see what my site says your home is worth compared to other sites home valuations, like Zillows Dana Point ZESITMATES, including other big sites opinion, like Redfins Home Value Estimate in Dana Point. 

Work with a LOCAL Dana Point REALTOR to help you along the way to help maximize the most you can out of the sale of your home or condo. To find out what your home is worth in Dana Point, just type in your address and complete the sign up form!


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Nov. 18, 2018

What is my home worth in San Clemente CA, you ask?

Find out What your home worth in San Clemente CA 

Do you own a peice of property in San Clemente and want to know what it is worth? Use my website to get an INSTANT HOME VALUE of your home or condo, anywhere in San Clemente! What are you waiting for? Just type in your address below to find out what your home is worth in San Clemente CA!

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Nov. 1, 2018

Just Listed on Balboa Peninsula Point! 2117 SEVILLE AVE, Newport Beach CA

Check out this very cool beach house I just listed in Newport Beach, just two blocks to the WEDGE! 2117 SEVILLE AVE is an adorable beach house in one of the best locations Newport Beach has to offer, BALBOA PENINSULA POINT! This home was built in 2008 and is one block to the bay and 2-3 blocks to the ocean. It's 3 bedrooms and in the master bedroom there is an extra bedroom ( which is the 3rd story). The home has tons of upgrades and only the highest quality materials were used, plus this house has hardly been lived in! It 100% shows like a brand new model home.  This 2946 sq ft home has a two car attached garage, back ally access, and it's sold furnished ! This is the perfect beach house, perfect for making memories that will surely last more than just one lifetime.  

Check out the website  www.PeninsulaPointBeachHouse.com  


Peninsula Point Beach House Newport Beach CA


2117 Seville Ave, Newport Beach

June 25, 2018

Explore Homes For Sale in Varadero San Marcos

Homes For Sale in Veradero Lake San Marcos

Veradero is a gated neighborhood that sits high above Lake San Marcos CA. Even thought prices are in the low 1 million dollar range, they are stil in high demand. I think this communty  has a lot going for it. Homes For Sale in Veradero San Marcos typically are single story,  and most  have fantastic views. The views are really what seperates Veradero Homes San Marcos, from the competition. Since Homes in Veradero San Marcos sit on top of hill, there are 3 different views, Lake Views, Southern Views and Western Views. All of these view homes offer amazing sunsets. I'll be taking some aerial photos soon of this neighborhood and will add them to this post, very soon. 

Also, these homes are in demand because of the awesome lifetyle living in Veradero has to offer. he community has a nice swimming pool and it’s a perfect spot to take a walk ( if you don’t mind a decent size hill to start off, that is). There is a lot to do right there at Lake San Marcos, so you will hardly get bored. You can golf, get to the beach in 15 minutes, go to restaurant row San Marocs, shopping nearby etc.


April 4, 2018

Art Series Post #1- Mural of Beacons Beach Leucadia along Encinitas Oceanfront

Mural of Beacons Beach on Encinitas Oceanfront- Cool Encinitas Real Estate Art! 

You just gotta love Leucadia, right! It's such a cool place to live and live the American Dream, owning a home in Encinitas/ Leucadia, especially an Encintias Oceanfront Home! Today's blog post (actually blog post #1 for my new "Exploring North County San Diego Real Estate Through Art" Series), I'm doing a tribute to Encinitas Oceanfront Homes and to all of those who can not afford Encinitas Oceanfront, especially to those who really don't care, and for those who just consider being able to enjoy a simple and gratifiying lifestyle, like the guy walking down the path a Beacons, a blessing.

I love this mural in Leucadia! If you are ever in Leucadia, mabye just driving through, or if you live nearby, then you for sure have, or will see this. 

This is a Van Gough looking peice of art on a local commercial buisness wall. It' pretty trippy how it blends the hillside into the wavey lines of the ocean, it seems as if the hill is moving... AND GUESS WHAT? IT IS. Anybody that owns Encinitas Real Estate or a home in Leucadia, are pretty aware of the fact that the cliff, AND PARKING LOT, is unstable and could literally go at anytime. Many of the Encinitas Homes located on the oceanfront are at risk of their properties eroding away, kind of like with one swoop of the oceans magic paint brush!

April 2, 2018

New tool for sellers! What is your HOME WORTH in Solana Beach?

New Tech Tool- What is My Home Worth in Solana Beach? Instant Home Value

I just launched a very cool new tool on my website, to help people find out what their home is worth in Solana Beach. I was just spicing up my Solana Beach Real Estate blog and added this cool new page, so I wanted to write a quick post about it so I make sure it reaches the most potential home sellers in Solana Beach, including Solana Beach communities like the following:

Solana Beach Golf Homes

- Find out what your home is worth in Lomas Santa Fe Villas, in or around the golf course. If you own a home in, say, Isla Verde Solana Beach, you can use my awesome home value tool to get an idea of the value of your home too. This works of course in Saint Francis Court Solana Beach Homes, and Lomas Santa Fe Country Club Real Estate.


Solana Beach Oceanfront Condominiums

- Find out what your oceanfront condo is worth in Solana Beach, in one of the many oceanfront developments. Maybe you live in Del Mar Beach Club condos Solana Beach, Del Mar Shores Condos Solana Beach, Seascape Sur Oceanfront Condos Solana Beach, Las Brisas Condos Solana Beach, Surfsong Condos, Solana Beach and Tennis Club Condos, etc, my website can help you find out what your condo is worth no problemo, however I would make sure to take my call or read my follow up email, in case I think the value is higher or lower, or spot on, using my websites INSTANT HOME VALUE.

March 19, 2018

Elfin Forest Real Estate Info- Discover Living in Elfin Forest Escondido & Elfin Forest Homes For Sale

Discover Elfin Forest Real Estate - A Rural Community in Escondido WEST, California

I live on the very edge of Elfin Forest, in San Elijo Hills. My house litterally butts up to the very edge of Elfin Forest, so you can bet I know Elfin Forest Real Estate and homes for sale curretnly on the market! Elfin Forest is a secret spot for horse lovers, nature lovers, and those who can appreciate a real rural community setting, yet close to all!


Elfin Forest Homes offer Location Location anda unique Lifestyle!

 A vast majority of the properties that you will find in Elfin Forest will be equestrian friendly homes ( Elfin Forest- Escondido Horse Properties). The terrain in this community is set amongst rolling hills in between San Elijo Hills to the west and North West, Harmony Grove Village new homes community to the east, Coronado Hills San Marcos to the North, North East ,and Rancho Santa Fe Luxury communities to the south, including The Bridges, Cielo and even Olivenhain, Encinitas, to the south western direction. I love the location of Elfin Forest, you can zoom to both inland and coastal areas quickly, however depends on time of day. Mornings are the biggest challenge if you are headed west towards the 5 freeway. San Elijo Middle School starts at 7:52 and gets backed up starting around 7:20 am, trust me. 


Everything Elfin Forest Real Estate and some Lifesytle all on my website www.LivinginElfinForest.com !


Please feel free to visit my main website exclusively dedicated to Elfin Forest Real Estate. You can seach all Elfin Forest Homes For Sale, see just sold Elfin Forsest Properties, sign up for all sorts of cool reports, property updates, and even get an INSTANT HOME VALUE of what your home may be worth in todays Elfiin Forest Real Estate market. Please contact me rain or shine to talk buying or marketing property for sale in Elfin Forest! My office is located at 1215 San Elijo Road, about 30 seconds from Elfin Forest homes!






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Nov. 13, 2017

Discover Savina "Kettner and Ash" Condos Sale Downtown San Diego

Discover SAVINA new construction condo sales Downtown San Diego " Kettner and Ash Condos Downtown SD

Savina is one of BOSA Developments newest projects in the Downtown San Diego Real Estate market. Savina is located in the Marina District across from many other nice downtown San Diego High Rises. Savina is also called KETTNER AND ASH condos, as that is its location. These condos are currently under construction in Downtown San Diego and there are 5 listings you can shop and purchase right now. Click here to search all SAVINA CONDOS FOR SALE DOWNTOWN San Diego.