Mural of Beacons Beach on Encinitas Oceanfront- Cool Encinitas Real Estate Art! 

You just gotta love Leucadia, right! It's such a cool place to live and live the American Dream, owning a home in Encinitas/ Leucadia, especially an Encintias Oceanfront Home! Today's blog post (actually blog post #1 for my new "Exploring North County San Diego Real Estate Through Art" Series), I'm doing a tribute to Encinitas Oceanfront Homes and to all of those who can not afford Encinitas Oceanfront, especially to those who really don't care, and for those who just consider being able to enjoy a simple and gratifiying lifestyle, like the guy walking down the path a Beacons, a blessing.

I love this mural in Leucadia! If you are ever in Leucadia, mabye just driving through, or if you live nearby, then you for sure have, or will see this. 

This is a Van Gough looking peice of art on a local commercial buisness wall. It' pretty trippy how it blends the hillside into the wavey lines of the ocean, it seems as if the hill is moving... AND GUESS WHAT? IT IS. Anybody that owns Encinitas Real Estate or a home in Leucadia, are pretty aware of the fact that the cliff, AND PARKING LOT, is unstable and could literally go at anytime. Many of the Encinitas Homes located on the oceanfront are at risk of their properties eroding away, kind of like with one swoop of the oceans magic paint brush!