Atherton Subdivision in San Elijo Hills, San Marcos- Huge Ocean Views

Are you seeking an extraordinary ocean view in San Diego? Check out the Atherton subdivision in my town, San Elijo Hills! San Elijo Hills is home to many wonderful ocean view arrangements, many would sacrifice a body part for, I know I would for the right home in Atherton or, actually the neighborhood abobe Atherton, called The Summit.

Atherton at San Elijo Hills is a tract with roughtly 60 homes build on a high Ridgeline. So, just about half of the homes in Atherton will offer an amazing ocean view.  These homes were built in the early 2000's, 2003-2005 and may need some updating, but the bones are excellent. Some home have been totally remodeled to the 9's and you may find them here for sale. I'd suggest hitting the link below and hitting SAVE SEARCH to opt-in, or just opt-in when prompted, and I'll be sure to get your search as dialed as possible.


Athterton San Elijo Hills Real Estate Video



Many residents in Atherton have done really nice hardscaping on their front yards. Since San Marcos has some heat and there are better things to do, like enjoy the ocean view from your property in San Elijo Hills, than do too much unnecessary yard work. After, all, if you are like me, we ain't getting any younger!Anyhow, the curb appeal on most of the homes in Atherton are nice to look at. 

Use my one click search to view Atherton San Elijo Hills Homes For Sale, Just Sold Properties in San Elijo Hills and my San Elijo Hlils Real Estate Blog. Contact me with any questions. I have been selling real estate since 2006 and I've actually lived in San Elijo since that time, too.

Atherton San Elijo Hills