Belmont Gated Community in San Elijo Hills CA

Welcome to my page for the Belmont neighborhood in San Marcos/ San Elijo Hills. Belmont is a newer neighborhood, that is gated. It's up the hill near many larger luxury homes in San Elijo Hills with ocean views. Belmont is considered to be CONDOS in San Elijo Hills however, they are detached condos. 

Belmont are single family detached condos, they share are common exterior wall. So, part of the neighbors fenceline is the your home. So what! Belmont is high density for San Elijo Hills, however it's not so bad, again! Since I'm a veteran agent ( you should get one of those) I recall when Belmont was under contruction as San Marcos New Homes For Sale. Check this out. Belmont's initial launch was a dud. It was a tough market in 2013 to say the least, but the layouts failed and their 3 story layout quickly became a 2 story ! 


Belmont San Elijo Hills REALTOR does it again- Get some popcorn 



One more really cool pro about detached living in San Elijo Hills in Belmont, is that there is a community pool! Most of the Condo communities in San Elijo have a pool, but since BELMONT Homes are detached, that's a nice feature. Click here to browse and sign up for email alerts for new listings in Belmont San Elijo Hills